Single Compartment and Two Compartment Cabinet Guide

This guide will help you choose between cabinet sizes and let you know when there's a single compartment option available and if there is also the similar sized cabinet available with two compartments.
Two compartment means that the cabinet has internal separation and the compartments are individually lockable.
We'll be going through the RB Cabinets, RMC Cabinets and Power Supply Enclosures:

Single Compartment

(No Internal Separation)

Two Compartment

(Segregated Internally & Lockable)

RB Cabinets: RB460 to RB1550 PS60 PS300 and TBS60 TBS300*
RMC1600,RMC1900, RMC2100 PS60 PS300 and TBS60 TBS300*
Similar Sizing  Similar Sizing
RB1250 Cabinet PS60 Permanent Supply
RB1250 Cabinet TBS60 Temporary Supply
RMC1600 PS300 Permanent Supply
RMC1600 TBS300 Temporary Supply
 * The only difference between a PS and TBS enclosure is that PS60s or PS300 are for permanent connections and available in our standard colours (Black, Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey) and the TBS60 and TBS300 are enclosures for temporary connections. TBS cabinets are only available painted red. 
Single Compartment Cabinet RMC1600
Single Compartment RMC Range of Cabinets
Two Compartment PS60 Cabinet

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