PS60 Permanent Supply Kiosk

PS60 Permanent Supply Kiosk

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Please see drop-down options for the material of choice: 4003 for Inland Locations and 304 for inland & Coastal (<1 mile from the coastline) and 316 Marine Grade for seafront locations and harsh environments. 

Each PS60 has a corresponding plinth onto which the unit can be mounted. The plinth is buried in concrete, providing a secure point of installation.

If you opt for a PS60 plinth, don't forget to add the plinth to the cart as it is a separate, optional item. 

The PS60 provides robust, weather-proof housing for a permanent electricity supply meeting the specifications of the DNOs for a permanent supply to a building or buildings.

Much faster to install than a brick construction and much more resistant to damage than a plastic enclosure. 

Delivery Information:

This enclosure and its plinth are delivered on separate pallets, and will require a forklift to transport.

Product Documentation:

Colour Options

  • RAL 9005 Black Gloss
  • BS4800 14C40 Dark Green Gloss 
  • BS381C 631 Light Grey Gloss
  • BS381C 632 Dark Grey Gloss 
  • Natural Finish (304 and 316 grade of steel only)

    Product Data

    Product Code Product Dimensions
    (h x w x d, mm)
    (h x w, mm)
    Compartment Size*
    (h x w x d, mm)
    1265 x 1250 x 430 650 x 450
    1125 x 622 x 414

    *Each unit contains two compartments and now contains two backboards.

    Product Features

    • Typical use:  to house cut-outs, meters, distribution boards rated up top to 100 Amp (~60 kVA).  Not intended to house a CT chamber.
    • Detachable lifting lugs.
    • Available in three grades of stainless steel sheet – 2 mm thick. Choose according to location. (4003 inland, 304 coastal, 316 marine and harsh environments).
    • Smooth polyester powder coated finish.
    • Two 12mm External Grade Plywood Backboards. 
    • IP24 rating with ventilation louvres, IP46 rating without ventilation louvres.
    • Three-point locking with two tri-key camlocks and one central hasp and staple with padlock shroud per door.
    • Two separate compartments for the DNO and the end-user.
    • Peaked roof.
    • Earthing studs fitted to both body and door. 
    • Ventilated via louvres on the doors (optional). 

    Looking for something else?

    The larger PS300 is designed to fit a CT chamber (e.g. MOD156) for larger power requirements (up to 430 A).

    Still unsure of what you require? Please give us a call on 01254 819 100 or email us to discuss a Permanent Supply kiosk manufactured to your specific requirements.

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