RMC Enclosures - Large Enclosures from Ritherdon

Electrical Enclosures FAQs

RMC enclosures are Ritherdon's largest enclosures. We have added the three different sizes available to the online shop - we classify them by their widths RMC1250, RMC1600 and RMC2100.

These are our largest enclosures - they are floor standing enclosures designed and
manufactured to modular construction.

It is a multi-purpose enclosure with a variety of applications and is used in many
different industries.

We'd like to point out that the RMC1600 has similar dimensions to a PS300 so if you're after something as large as a PS300 but could do with a single bay instead of two separate compartments, the RMC1600 would do the trick. 

All RMC enclosures can be sent through the normal pallet network and even though they are large enclosures, they don't require dedicated HIAB delivery. 

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