Use a Red Enclosure for a Temporary Supply

Ritherdon cabinets are often used to house a new electrical connection and it's equipment, typically a DNO cutout or service head, isolator and metering equipment. The cabinets are often used as a quick and easy to install alternative to building a brick kiosk for housing the equipment needed for the new electrical supply.

Electrical connections can either be a permanent supply or temporary supply and our cabinets are suitable for both applications.

The  DNO or distribution network operator is responsible for new connections and they will advise on the safety requirements that need to be met before they can energise the supply.

The DNO may suggest a brick housing for installing your electricity supply. As we've mentioned, the DNO is responsible for the distribution of the energy supply and they are in charge of getting you connected. We suggest you let them know that you want to use a stainless steel cabinet and check if they are ok to install inside one. Every DNO has its own requirements, so it's best to check with them first.

We're based in Darwen, Lancashire and we work closely with the DNO in this area which is Electricity Northwest (ENW). For the ENW area, one particular request is to paint the cabinet Red when installing a temporary supply. 

Here's a particular example of an RB1000 cabinet being used for a temporary supply and where the customer has asked for red as he'll be installing a temporary supply.

For this application, the customer didn't need separate bays, but if you are installing in an ENW area you may be required to use a PS60 or PS300 cabinet. These are our Power Supply enclosures which we designed at ENW's request. The cabinets feature one area for the DNO cutout and equipment and another for the consumer's equipment.  


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