R150 Feeder Pillar in Black is Available for 48 Hour Delivery

Electrical Enclosures FAQs

The R150 feeder pillar is being kept in stock in black, a very popular colour for these pillars. 

If you're rushing for a feeder pillar, R150 Feeder Pillar Lift-off Door may just be perfect for your application. 

These feeder pillars are usually needed to provide an energy supply for street lighting posts or just a new energy supply coming into a domestic property. 

R150 Feeder Pillar Perfect for fitting DNO cut out for power distribution

A quick reminder of the size of this pillar - 

The R150 is 900mm high which includes the root of the pillar. It is 150mm wide and 150mm deep (it has a working depth of 117mm).

That means that any equipment inside should approximately no more than 150mm wide and 117mm deep. The door is fully detachable for easy access to fit your required equipment and for future maintenance.

Backboard Size:

Comes with a plywood backboard ready for fitting electrical equipment. The backboard size is 600mm x 130mm. 

A good example of equipment that would typically fit inside an R150 pillar may be a house service cut out or service head which is approximately 210mm high, 125mm wide with a depth of 96mm. 

Examples of Applications:

R150 Feeder Pillars may need to be used for bringing a new energy supply for:

  • Domestic property fuse upgrade
  • Street lighting energy supply 
  • Other outdoor projects that call for a DNO cut out to be housed safely and securely, protected from the elements


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