Design Features of Outdoor Electrical Cabinets: RB Cabinets

RB cabinets are floor standing, electrical enclosures made from stainless steel and designed to be used outdoors. They are able to withstand the elements 24/7. They are used for housing electrical equipment and come fitted with a wooden backboard for mounting the electricals easily.


Cabinets have an open base, used for feeding cabling and ducting through so that all electrical equipment inside can be connected to the power supply below ground.

Equipment will be kept protected and dry, as the cabinet door is all around with gasket and the door shuts tightly creating a seal that keeps water out of the cabinet.

RB Full door perimeter seal

For the ease of fitting electrical equipment, RB cabinet doors open 180 degrees and can be removed and placed back on very easily if it is needed.


Available in three different grades of stainless steel, 4003 powder coated, 304 powder coated and natural finish and 316 powder coated and natural finish. 316 grade is recommended for the harshest environments, as it is a marine grade stainless steel for its anti-corrosion properties. 


The range comes in 6 different sizes to accommodate your electrical equipment, with 4 sizes with single doors and 2 sizes with double doors. 

RB Cabinet range organised by the width of the cabinet to make it easier to match the width of the equipment that will fit inside. 

An RB460 means that the cabinet is 460mm wide. Same the next size up, RB600 is 600mm wide and so on, until we get to the largest double door RB Cabinet which is the RB1550, which is 1550 mm wide. 

All RB cabinets have the same height which is 1125 and different depths as the cabinets increase in size. 

See all sizes of RB cabinets summarised in the table below:

Enclosure Width (mm) Depth (mm) Max. Height (mm) Backboard (mm) No. of Doors Weight (kg)
RB460 460 260 1125* 930 x 405 single 32
RB600 600 330 1125* 930 x 545 single 41
RB800 800 380 1125* 930 x 745 single 56
RB1000 1000 380 1125* 930 x 945 single 62
RB1250 1250 430 1125* 930 x 1195 double 85
RB1550 1550 430 1125* 930 x 1495 double 95

* Heigh excluding plinth height of 300 mm; 2° slope to the back of the cabinet.


RB cabinets in 4003 are powder coated as standard and at no extra cost. Here's a reminder of the paint colours and their codes:

Four standard paint colours to suit typical urban and rural environments
    • Black: RAL 9005 Gloss Black
    • Dark Green: BS4800 14 C40 Gloss Green
    • Light Grey: BS361C 631 Light Grey Gloss
    • Dark Grey: BS361C 632 Dark Grey Gloss

    Natural, metal finish is available from a higher grade of steel (304 and 316 grade).


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      Could I get a price on RB1250 and RB1550 both in dark green color.
      Thank you
      Dennis Boyer
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