Need extra security for your RB Cabinet? Add Three Point Locking to Order

Opt for a three-point locking system and add it to your cart when ordering your RB cabinet. Available for all sizes of cabinets.  Standard locking system for all power supply enclosures: PS60, PS300, TBS60, TBS300 and all RMC cabinets. 

The three-point locking system comes with padlocking 'L' handle and padlock shroud. Includes latch rods with rollers for easy closing.

Three Point Locking Cam Detail

Please note that this is not a retro-fit option and must be ordered with your cabinet.

Three Point Locking Rod Guide Detail

Padlock shroud for added security. Padlock not supplied. Fits 10mm padlock shackle.

Padlock Shroud

This is how a fitted padlock looks under the padlock shroud:

 Fitted Padlock onto a Three Point Locking handle with Padlock Shroud

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