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FireSeals are typically made to measure to cover a specific size and made in batches, meaning customers benefit from quantity break pricing.

However, there are times where just one or two FireSeals are required and costs rise. So, we came up with an off the shelf size to cover a multitude of sizes.We also priced this competitively to offer a cost-effective option to fire protect those one-offs.

Off the Shelf FireSeal - FireSeal Fire Rated Access Panel

The off the shelf FireSeal covers an existing meter box or aperture in the wall that measures a maximum of 710mm High x 510mm Wide x 50mm Deep. Now available from stock on a 48-hour delivery. This size of FireSeal provides 30 minutes of fire protection, as demonstrated in testing to BS EN 1366-3 and BS EN 1363-1.

If the meter box or aperture you are covering falls into this size, this an excellent option. 

A few points to check before ordering:

  • Please make sure that whatever you are covering i.e. a meter box, junction box, or aperture, is no bigger than 710mm High x 510mm Wide and no deeper than 50mm.
  • Make sure that everything that needs fire protection is enclosed inside the Off the Shelf FireSeal. 
  • Do not make any cut-outs into the FireSeal as this will void the testing criteria. Please discuss this with us before ordering.

The FireSeal can be installed onto the following wall types:

  • Timber stud with plasterboard cladding
  • Metal stud with plasterboard cladding
  • Masonry

The fixing screws must penetrate the main structure by at least 50mm to match the test conditions. 

Fixings are provided with each FireSeal.



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Passive Fire Protection requirements can be hard to assess. We hope the Off the Shelf FireSeal will solve a problem for you. We understand that sometimes it can be hard to find a solution for passive fire protection.

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your requirements please give send us an email to or give us a call on 01254819100 and choose option 2 to speak to Sales.

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