Why Do Unpainted Pillars and Cabinets Cost More Than Powder Coated Pillars & Cabinets?

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All Standard Powder Coated Cabinets & Pillars are manufactured from 4003 Grade Stainless Steel.


While 4003 is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion, it is not recommended for use as a decorative stainless steel (e.g. unpainted and polished). This is because in more aggressively corrosive environments it can discolour, producing a tarnished look to its surface. 

To avoid this staining in more corrosive environments, 4003 grade stainless steel products are powder coated for external use. For a natural finish we manufacture using a 304 Grade Stainless Steel.

Unlike 4003, 304 stainless steel does not have a tendency to form a surface patina.  This means that it can be used, un-coated, for external surfaces, within urban and inland locations.

The only downside to this is 304 Stainless Steel commands a higher price for a better quality material.

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