Who can carry out the works for a new electrical connection?

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Competition in Connections

To introduce competition in the connections market you may use an ICP Independent Connection Provider. Competition in the market provides consumers with more options and competitive prices. 

The works involved in a new connection are divided into two: contestable and noncontestable works. What this means to the user is that the contestable works can be carried out by someone different than the DNO. You may choose to have all works done by the DNO, this is entirely up to you.

Here's an example of prices of non-constable work or work only the DNO is allowed to carry out from Northern Powergrid. 

All other contestable works can be carried out by ICPs or IDNOs, Independent DNOs. Here's a list of IDNOs from Ofgem, explaining the difference between DNO and IDNOs, in case you'd prefer to contact them. 

For contacting a suitable ICP please find them under the Lloyds Register. Here's the list of ICPs for Northern Ireland.

We hope this starts you off in the right direction for your new connection. 

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