What is a TBS60? Temporary Builders Supply Kiosk

Ligia Salazar Electrical Enclosures

TBS60 is an enclosure designed specifically for housing the electrical equipment necessary for an electrical connection to be made for a constructions site.

This type of electrical connection is called a TBS or Temporary Builders Supply, providing power to a building site. You may want to read more about TBS connections in this handy guide from ENW and from UKPN

Ritherdon TBS60 kiosks are specifically designed for electrical connections:

  • Fitted with lifting lugs and painted red, this enclosure can be re-used for the next project.
  • An effective alternative to a brick built kiosk.
  • Two separate compartments to allow independent access to electricity supplier and to the user. 
  • Separate doors allow for separate padlocks to be used for extra security.
  • Made out of 304 grade of stainless steel for added durability.

This kiosk has been made to take the wear and tear of a construction site. It can be bashed and battered and it will still do its job. Most importantly it will keep the electrical connection isolated and safe. The TBS60 is an alternative to building a brick kiosk for the new connection and more durable than a GRP kiosk. 

If you decide that you'd like to make your connection permanent, the TBS60 can be bolted into the ground or fitted with a plinth. The enclosure is made to last, with a 25-year guarantee.

If you'd like to discuss your requirements or would like more information contact us on 01254 819100. 

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