Do I require a plinth with my RB cabinet?

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A RB Cabinet Plinth is to be installed into the ground before attaching the Cabinet. The Plinth is also known as a Root. Alternatively, the Cabinet can be fixed down to any hard, flat surface, without the need for a plinth. 

Plinth Installation:

1 Determine the size of hole required based on the overall size of the plinth, size plus 100mm (4”) all round. The depth should be 300mm to the finished ground level – this will allow the top 50mm of the Plinth to protrude above ground level. The finished ground level will include flagging, tarmac, block paving etc.

2 Place the plinth in the hole making sure that it is well supported and that the top of the plinth is 50mm above the finished ground level.

3 If necessary, adjust the position of the plinths to make sure the top is level in both directions.

4 Fill the hole, in and around the plinth, with concrete. Make sure that the plinth remains perfectly level in both directions during and after the pouring of the concrete.

5 Allow the concrete to cure.

6 Install the cabinet using the fixings provided.

Without the use of a Plinth:

If a concrete base is to be prepared, we recommend that it is a minimum of 100mm bigger all-round the cabinet and a minimum of 150mm deep. Also, 50mm above the finished ground level. It is important that the top surface of the concrete base is perfectly flat and as smooth as possible to prevent any ingress of water. When fitting the cabinet to the concrete base, we recommend using M8 Masonry Anchors.

 Gary Ravetta Nov 2017

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