Electrical Enclosures - What's your application?

Applications Electrical Enclosures

At Ritherdon we're enclosures specialists. We design and manufacture our extensive range of enclosures from our factory in Darwen, Lancashire.

Electrical enclosures are used in a wide variety of scenarios. Ritherdon typically supply the highways and roads market with service pillars or feeder pillars. You can find hinged or standard root mounted pillars for your application from the R or RH pillar range.

If you require a larger electrical enclosure, we have designed the RB cabinet range with single and double doors. 

Electrical enclosures can be used in many applications and across a wide variety of industry sectors. After all, electrical enclosures are meant to protect electrical equipment from the elements. 

In today's world, we rely all sorts of electrical devices to keep our world moving. What do you use electrical enclosures for? What is your application? 

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