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Welcome to the Ritherdon Shopify store, your online destination for electrical enclosures and related products. You'll find that the store contains our extensive range of electrical enclosures.

Ritherdon electrical enclosures are typically used on the roadside as service pillars or feeder pillars. Larger equipment may require RB cabinets or service cabinets either with single or double doors. 

Our range of meter box repair enclosures provide an easy solution for fixing damaged GRP meter boxes or replacing the plastic meter boxes, altogether.

Wait, there's more! We also have power supply enclosures, passive fire products and passively safe road products. 

We're manufacturers but we're also designers and innovators. We're sheet metal specialists doing what we call 'clever metalwork'. We like to apply innovative ideas and technology to manufacture products for the industries we supply. 

We're constantly innovating, so it's very likely that we'll be adding more enclosures and other products to the store. Keep checking the store and also our main website, where you'll find more about our products and the company. 

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