How Does a Ritherdon R22 FireSeal Work?

Gary Ravetta FAQs Fire FireSeal Meter Box Repair

A common issue being picked up in fire risk assessments is when gas meters have been installed along fire escape routes in multi-occupancy residential buildings. Standard gas meter boxes do not provide adequate fire resistance and it is recommended that these meters should be covered with a fire-resistant box. So Ritherdon designed and added the new R22 FireSeal to our passive fire protection range. 

R22 FireSeal is a modification of our standard R22 meter box repair unit. and, like the standard R22 unit, it is designed to be retrofitted and replace the old plastic box; in this case with a fire-resistant box for the gas meter. It has intumescent seals right around the door and between the back of the unit and the wall. Ritherdon also developed a method of adaptable pipe entry points which are sealed with fire resistant filler after fitting. The R22 FireSeal has been tested in accordance with BSEN 1364-1: 1999 utilizing the principles of BSEN 1366-3: 2009, providing >90 min fire resistance. 

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