Do I need a Fire-Resistant Meter Box?

Gary Ravetta Fire Meter Box Repair

We designed the R5 back in the 1970s for the electricity boards who needed a more vandal-resistant and sometimes fire-resistant alternative to the plastic meter box. The design matching most closely in appearance the standard Small GRP box. 

Supplied in two halves allowing fitting of the box during building work and hanging of the door later when there is less chance of site damage. Designed so that the door can be hung on the left or right-hand side of the pre-installed box to best suit local conditions. 

In 1979 the standard R5 was tested to the BS476 Part 8 standard and gave 38 minutes fire resistance. In 2013 we re-tested an upgraded version of the R5 to the latest, European fire resistance test method (BS EN1363 and 1366) and this model achieved >60 min fire resistance. 

This passive fire protection R5 meter box has a very similar design to the standard R5The main differences are that it has a high-temperature lock and a fire-resistant back-board fitted. 

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