Do you sell GRP Meter Boxes?

Meter Box Repair

At Ritherdon we only manufacture our Meter Boxes & Meter Box Repair Units from steel and stainless steel. We feel using these materials give us a stronger, more reliable product standing up better to accidental or malicious damage as well as fairing better out in the elements. This is more prevalent when repairing already damaged GRP meter boxes as these have already been damaged or become brittle over time and lost their integrity, to be replaced with a stronger, longer lasting product without the need of constant maintenance.


GRP meter boxes come in all shapes and sizes and as a market leader, Ritherdon has a complete range of replacement door and frames to fit all of them. We also have brand new electric meter boxes designed for either semi-recessed, flush-mounted or surface mounted fitting. 

Ritherdon units are made using commercial grade stainless steel or electrolytically zinc-coated steel to resist atmospheric corrosion, and coated in white polyester powder to provide a more durable protective finish, but can be painted over should the house owner desire a different colour. 

All meter box repair units are supplied with appropriate fixings for installation, which can be completed in a matter of minutes.

There is no need to disconnect the utilities. It is simply a matter of removing the existing the door and fitting the replacement door and frame to the damaged box. If the damaged box is badly damaged, we have another option which is a front fixing unit (R10 electric and R10 gas) that is also easy to fit, but in this case, it is fastened to the wall around the box. Also included is a plastic key to gain access into the meter box after installation. 



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