What Colours Are Your Products Available In?

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What Colours Are Your Products Available In?

Unlike our competitors who tend to only offer a Grey or Black option, we have a standard colour range available as well as being able to paint any colour specified in our own factory paint shop.

Standard Colours:

All Ritherdon Meter Boxes, Meter Box Repair Units and FireSeal Products are Satin White as standard, apart from our Floor Mounted R24 Gas Meter Repair Range which is Gloss Brown.

RAL 9010

Satin White

RAL 8007

Gloss Brown


All Ritherdon Pillars & Cabinets are available in Black, Dark Green, Light Grey & Dark Grey as standard, with the exception our 304 & 316 Natural Stainless Steel finish.

RAL 9005

Gloss Black

BS4800 14C40

Gloss Green

BS381C 631

Light Grey Gloss

BS381C 632

Dark Grey Gloss


Non-Standard Colours:

If a customer specifies a non-standard colour we can usually source the correct powder within a couple of days from order. Here are some previous non-standard colours done by Ritherdon:

RAL 6018


Gloss Yellow Green

RAL 5002


Ultramarine Blue Gloss

RAL 3017


Rose Gloss

BS4800 18C37

Medium R10E

Wedgewood Blue



All painted items are powder coated. They are hung up on the conveyor and first travel through the pre-treatment plant where they are cleaned and given a phosphate-based surface treatment which improves the adhesion of the paint (this is all water-based). Then the products travel through the powder-coating booths which house automatic, reciprocating guns as well as manual guns (to reach the tricky corners). An electrostatic charge is applied to the products which make the powder stick to the surface before it is cured. The products then travel through the curing oven for about 10-15 minutes at 200 ⁰C. There is also a small, wet spraying booth and oven, but these are used for special jobs only.


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