Galvanised vs Stainless Steel Feeder Pillars

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When we first started making feeder pillars, we decided not to bother copying the usual galvanised pillars, but to concentrate on perfecting the manufacture of cost-effective stainless steel feeder pillars.

We believe we were the first company in the UK to provide a standard range of stainless steel feeder pillars.

We chose stainless steel over galvanised because stainless steel allows us to produce a superior product. To put it briefly, stainless steel feeder pillars have a quality finish, with a better design that allows better sealing against the elements, a smarter look and are lighter weight than its galvanised counterparts.

We delve deeper into the each feature and benefits associated with the design and manufacturing of stainless steel feeder pillars. 

Features and benefits of our stainless steel feeder pillars:

Highly resistant to corrosion

Much longer life, giving you a lower total cost of ownership and reducing the carbon footprint of production and installation.

Remain aesthetically pleasing - no rust.

Removes the environmental impact of the galvanising process.

Closer manufacturing tolerances

Better sealing against the weather and dust.

Better-looking products (they might 'only be enclosures', but we think it matters!).

Powder coated (when required)

A much smoother finish than with galvanised products (including a broad choice of colours to suit the surroundings).

Thinner gauge metal possible*

Enclosures are lighter, making for easier and safer handling during installation, while maintaining integrity after minor collisions.

*There is no need to add extra thickness purely to withstand the galvanising process.

Grades of Stainless Steel

All Ritherdon feeder pillars, cabinets, power supply enclosures and larger, RMC larger enclosures are made from stainless steel and available in 3 different grades of steel 4003, 304 and 316.  

The most commonly used grade is 4003 which is always powder coated in our standard colours: Black, Dark Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey. If you are looking for a metal finish, please choose the Natural finish. This is a higher grade of steel (304) and is left unpainted. 



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