Can I re-use a TBS60 enclosure for another temporary connection?

Applications Electrical Enclosures

Made from stainless steel, the TBS60 is a durable, easy to transport, cost-effective solution for housing a temporary electrical connection to your site.

The cabinet includes lifting lugs that allow the enclosure to be easily moved as needed. After the works are done, you can unbolt the cabinet and use it again for the next job!

TBS60 on site

Strong and Durable

It is designed for repeated use and will withstand the tough conditions of a construction site. You might get a few dents along the way!  The TBS60 is a tough cookie with an IK rating of 10 so it can take a beating and remain in good shape. As long as it doesn't affect the integrity of the cabinet, it will be fit for purpose and can be reused. The Temporary Builders Supply Kiosk will keep your equipment secure, safe and protected.

 An alternative to a Brick Built Housing

Often for temporary connections, the DNO, who is responsible for energising the temp supply, will recommend building a brick kiosk with specific dimensions. We recommend the TBS60 as a quick, safe and cost-effective alternative. Always check that you meet the requirements of your DNO as they are responsible for distributing the electricity supply in your particular area.

TBS60 Backboard side installed on site

Re-Use for another Temp Supply

The TBS60 is a ready built alternative to a brick kiosk, that is ready to be installed on site immediately. Internal flanges, with pre-drilled holes for fastening onto a hard flat surface. Featuring two independent compartments (~620 mm each), one supplied with a backboard for the consumer and the other without a backboard for the DNO to supply. The size of the TBS60 is typically used for a  three-phase temp supply, dimensions are 1250 x 1266 x 430 (whd) including peaked roof.

TBS60 showing inner flanges bolted to concrete slab

The TBS60 is designed with the needs of the DNO in mind so that it is easy to meet their requirements and get your site energised fast. Consider using the TBS60 for your next temp supply. A great alternative to a brick kiosk with the added benefit of being able to be removed and used again. 

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