What are BT Interface Pillars and Pegs?

Electrical Enclosures FAQs

The BT Interface Pillars are root mounted pillars that are generally used for remote monitoring and are usually situated near a Traffic Signals Cabinet.

The BT Pillar allows for an engineer to access remote monitoring equipment without the need to open the nearby signals cabinet. 

Just like our other enclosures, the BT Interface Pillar is just another electrical enclosure and can be used for your application.

As long as you can fit your electrical equipment on the plywood backboard supplied and the depth of the pillars available in two sizes:

BT Interface Small - Backboard 180x400 depth of pillar 150mm 

BT Interface Large - Backboard 180x650 depth of pillar 150mm

So don't let the name dictate just one application - Let us know if you use them for something different in the comments or drop us a line. 

Part of the same category - The BT Pegs are used to replace existing corroded pegs that are typically beside the signal controller cabinet. 

Available in two different widths, 90mm for Slim Pegs and 150 for Wide Pegs, with an overall 800mm, however, take into account that the actual height will only be 400mm as the rest of the peg will be buried into the ground during installation. 

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