What is a Retention Socket?

What is a Retention Socket?


We pride ourselves in our ability to design with customer feedback in mind and we are very excited about the Atlas Retention Socket and the HCB. Yes, HCB, short for Hinged Controller Base, this cleverly designed base makes installing traffic controller cabinets easier.

The Atlas Retention Socket is used for installing poles and columns and is usually used for traffic signal posts. The main benefit of using the Atlas Retention Socket for installing a pole is that once installed, the pole can be replaced without having to excavate again.


  • High strength grip
  • Circular design
  • Suitable for passively safe poles that may require an electrical disconnection system, like the Ritherdon PolePlugs.

When the Atlas is used with posts that require electricity, and they are required to be passively safe, they may also require an electrical isolation system. 

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