MOD 156 CT Metering Panel (Cable 95mm, Bottom Entry)

MOD 156 CT Metering Panel

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MOD 156 CT Metering Panel

Metering panel designed for CT metering - Manufactured by Ritherdon in accordance with Electricity North West specification. 

It's a modular system, meaning that the modules can be arranged as per the electrician's preferences to fit the installation area best (i.e. for all incoming cable approaches). Before installation, bear in mind where the meter will be placed, so as to make it as easy to read as possible afterwards.

Consists of 3 Separate Modules:

MOD 1 - Main incoming power supply comes through this module, fitted with bus bars and 92mm centre fuse holders (we don't supply the fuses).

The cable entry can be either be through the bottom or from the top, bearing in mind if the entry will be on the left-hand side or right-hand side. Please select your MOD156 accordingly before placing your order. 

MOD 5 - A connector unit for the MOD 1 and MOD 6.

MOD 6 - This is where the CTs will be placed. Fitted with two wooden rails for fitting the CTs. CTs are not included and at the moment we don't supply them.

Selecting MOD 156 - Cable Size and Entry Position

Please select the MOD156 according to the cable size and the incoming supply entry position. 

Recommended for Electricity North West Area of North West England, including:

Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, Parts of Cheshire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

Please check with ENW if you are unsure of your area.

We are manufacturers and not electricians, please seek advice from your DNO and your connection provider. The connection provider may be your DNO (Distribution Network Operator) or an ICP (Independent Connection Provider). 

If you require a new connection and are unsure of what you need please contact your DNO or seek advice from a Lloyd's Registered certified Independent Connection Provider.  

Regardless of who takes care of your connection, you will need to comply with all requirements to gain access to the energy network which is managed by your DNO.

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