R10 E Replacement Electric Door and Frame

R10 E Replacement Electric Door and Frame

Regular price £92.05

 * Please call the office on 01254 819100 for a discount on quantities over 4. 

Size Overall Dimensions mm
(Height x Width x Depth)
Small 656mm x 450mm x 60mm 5.0 kg
Small Extra Deep 668mm x 450mm x 80mm 5.0 kg
Medium 700mm x 500mm x 50mm 5.0 kg
Medium Extra Deep 730mm x 500mm x 100mm 6.0 kg
Large 800mm x 580mm x 50mm 7.0 kg
Large Extra Deep 830mm x 580mm x 100mm

8.0 kg

 *Allow for fixing screws being approximately 25 mm in from the top and bottom edge and approximately 45mm from the sides.

The R10E range is a front (external) fixing unit and is used mainly when the GRP box is damaged but is still firmly attached to the wall.

Product Features:

  • Covers unusual or very badly damaged meter boxes. 
  • Electricity warning symbol embossed on the door.
  • Left-hand opening, stainless steel piano hinge.
  • All units fitted with slam lock and supplied with a triangular plastic key.
  • Powder coated, 1.2 mm stainless steel.
  • Available in RAL 9010 Satin White.

How to install:

Drill the four holes in the front and secure using the four fixings provided. No need to drill inside damaged GRP box – safer installation in unskilled hands.

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