Atlas Retention Socket - Ritherdon Retention Socket

Atlas Retention Sockets

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Atlas Retention sockets are a secure foundation mechanism that allows for the quick and easy replacement of poles and posts throughout their lifetime.

The Atlas Retention socket features a clamping mechanism that is especially kinder towards passively safe posts (i.e. Jerol, Lattix, or Sapa poles)  made out of softer material as opposed to traditional traffic signal posts and poles.

The nature of passively safe structures makes the Atlas Retention Socket the ideal companion for passively safe poles that need to be replaced quickly and efficiently.

Used in junction with a physical electrical disconnections system such as PolePlugs, Atlas Retention sockets provide a complete passively safe solution.

Benefits of the Atlas Retention Socket:  the pole foundation remains undamaged following a knock down of the pole.  Installation of a traffic signal pole or sign / lighting column does not take significantly longer with a retention socket.  However, the ease and speed of replacement following a collision can save a huge amount of cost.

  • Permanent underground base socket for (e.g passive safe sign or lighting) column support permitting rapid replacement either following column damage or to clear the roadway for maintenance/access

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