Repair Mitras Semi-concealed gas meter box lid R24H Lid

R24 Replacement Floor Mounted Semi Concealed Gas Boxes

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Floor mounted (aka semi-concealed or semi-buried or ground meter box) gas meter boxes are particularly susceptible to damage as they can be stepped on or have things dropped on them. Also, the sharp edges of a broken GRP box at ground level are a hazard.

Previously Ritherdon only manufactured and supplied replacement lids for this type of gas meter box. However, we now have three options for repairing them:

  1. Replacement lids – the R24M and R24H lids for repairing Mitras boxes and Hepworth boxes respectively.
  2. Replacement lid and frame units if the damage is too great simply to replace the lid and, again, there are units for Mitras and Hepworth boxes.
  3. Replacement lid and body units for pre-payment meter boxes.

See How to Repair a Meter Box for an instructional video on repairing a semi-concealed gas meter box with an R24 unit.

Like the rest of the Ritherdon range, the R24 units greatly increase the longevity and security of the GRP meter box that they repair. The R24 units are also powder coated brown (note the colour rendition in the photos isn’t perfect), so that they match the plastic boxes.

As with the rest of the range, fitting the R24s is very easy. An R24 lid fits the meter box in the same way as the original plastic lid and the lid and frame units fasten through the plastic box with a screw and nut. All the necessary fittings are supplied and units are fitted with cam lock.


Size Overall Dimensions
(Width x Depth)
R24M lid 470mm x 340mm 2.0 kg
R24H lid 415mm x 440mm 2.0 kg
R24Mlid and frame 470mm x 340mm 4.0 kg
R24H lid and frame 415mm x 440mm 5.0 kg
R24M Tall (pre-payment meters) 470mm x 340mm (512mm high) 7.0 kg


There is a newer version of the Hepworth box – the Unibox. Please email or call 01254 819100 if you come across a different sized box that needs repairing.


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