RB 1250 Cabinet without a plinth

RB1250 Cabinet 304

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RB1250 Cabinet in 304 Powder Coated. We recommend a higher grade of steel and powder coated for extra durability when the cabinet is placed in a coastal location i.e. half a mile from the sea.

If you would like a stainless steel finish for a coastal location, this can only be achieved by using 316 grade of stainless steel. We do not recommend 304 grade to be left unpainted when the cabinet is sited near the sea. Please get in touch as we manufacture this item upon request. 

RB 1250 Cabinet 304 Dimensions

Enclosure Width






Max. Height






No. of Doors
RB1250 1250 430 1125* 930 x 1195 Double

 * 2° slope to back of cabinet; excluding plinth height of 300 mm.


  • Fabricated from 3 Grades of 2mm* stainless steel sheet depending on location & finish. *There is no need to add extra thickness purely to withstand the galvanizing process.
  • Enclosures are lighter, making for easier and safer handling during installation. 
  • Smooth polyester powder coated finish. *Unless left Natural in grades 304 or 316 stainless steel only). 
  • 12mm Plywood Backboard. 
  • Earthing studs fitted to both body and door. 
  • 8mm Tri Key Camlocks as standard or can be upgraded to keyed cam locks for extra security. Other lock types are available on request.
  • Discreet hinge system enabling 180° door opening without the unsightly cut outs in the door and/or body of the cabinet. 
  • Fully sealed door aperture. 
  • Ventilated via louvres on the door. 
  • Optional Plinth to be installed into the ground before attaching the Cabinet. Alternatively, the Cabinet can be fixed down to any hard, flat surface, without the need for a plinth. 

 Contact us if you require a different colour, lock or enquire about accessory options.

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