ER150 Root mounted 150 mm wide feeder pillar

R150 Feeder Pillar Lift-off Door 304 Coastal Locations

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The R150 feeder pillar is designed with an integral root and body and a detachable door.  To ensure a long service life the complete unit is manufactured from 2.0 mm thick stainless steel as standard.


Access for cable ducting is provided through the lower front section of the pillar and duct apertures on the sides and back of the root. An earth cable is provided for bonding the door to the body, with two M6 studs complete with nuts and washers.

The base plate is designed to provide stability during installation and protrudes at both the front and sides. To permit installation close to a wall the rear edge of the base plate is welded flush with the rear panel of the pillar body. To ensure installation at the optimum depth a suggested ground level is marked on the outer faces of the pillar.


Size Overall Dimensions
(Height x Width x Depth)
Base Plate
(Width x Depth)
(Width x Height)
R150 Feeder Pillar 900mm x 150mm x 150mm 230mm x 150mm 130mm x 600mm

Fixings available

  • Tri-key cam-lock (standard)


All pillars are supplied with a full width external grade plywood backboard for the fitting of electrical termination equipment. Alternative materials for the backboard can be included on request.

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