Ritherdon hinged pillar RH300

Hinged Door Feeder Pillar

Regular price £190.14

The door on this Service Pillar or feeder pillar is flush with the body and attached with a full-length stainless steel piano hinge and has a watertight neoprene gasket.

The unit is designed and manufactured to withstand moderate forced entry. To ensure a long service life the pillars are manufactured from 2mm thick stainless steel with a powder coated finish. The standard price covers painting in one of the range of colours below.

Access for cable ducting is provided through the lower front section of the pillar or the root. A length of wire provides earth bonding of the door to the body using M6 studs complete with nuts and washers.

All pillars are supplied with a full-width, external-grade plywood backboard for the fitting of electrical termination equipment. We are also able to supply and assemble any internal electrical equipment that may be required.

See below for more options.

Hinged Pillar Size Overall Dimensionsh
(Height x Width x Depth)
Base Plate
(Width x Depth)
(Width x Height)
RH300 1060mm x 300mm x 170mm 380mm x 210mm 280mm x 580mm
RH400 1060mm x 400mm x 170mm 480mm x 210mm 380mm x 580mm
RH500 1060mm x 500mm x 170mm 580mm x 240mm 470mm x 580mm


Alternative sizes

As we manufacture our own stainless steel enclosures ourselves, we can easily adapt our feeder pillar designs to whatever dimensions you need.  Please email us or call 01254 819100 if you want to discuss custom sizes.

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